The Ultimate Surf Camp: 5/Day Mon - Fri

The School of Surf and Ocean Safety combines ocean awareness skills and training with the best sport in the world. We match our campers to their adequate skill levels to pair them with the best knowledge and advancement possible. Every 5-Day camp experience is unique and so much fun!

What’s Included:

  1. Daily surf training at insured and defined surf location
  2. Top training by professional surfing instructors 4:1
  3. Ocean Safety class and drill training for memorization and safe practices
  4. Ocean Awareness and Beach Ecology knowledge
  5. Daily temperature scan
  6. Photos of your child's camp experience
  7. Ice cold drinking water and shade tent

Drop off and Pickup

Location: Hilton Garden Inn - 7010 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX 78597 
This address will take you to the Hilton Garden Inn. We are located on the beach behind Barry's Beach Bar which is behind the Hilton.

Parents should walk their kids to the beach and check-in with SPI Sessions staff if they missed the drop-off and pick up window. Please see our notes on the website. Please be on time for our camp and for pick-up and let staff know when you are present to pick-up your child. Pick-up must not exceed 20 minutes or an after-care price of $25 will be charged.

What to Bring

We recommend that you bring a backpack with the following items:

Lunch - Be sure to pack a healthy lunch, snacks, reusable water bottle.
Reusable water bottle -We provide cold water.
Sun Protection - Hats, Sunscreen, long sleeve water clothing.
Cap/Hat - Pack your own or purchase one ours !
Towel -We use frequently!
Swimwear -Please come appropriately dressed.

Ocean and Environmental Awareness- Safety With Wildlife

We know that nature can shape a child's memory and experiences, which is why we pair environmental and ocean awareness with action sports. It’s fun, exciting, and encourages an active, healthy lifestyle. We believe that learning about the ocean and all of its changing dynamics is part of an all encompassing experience our beach life instructors hope to share. Water Safety, open ocean awareness and coastal wildlife are incorporated into the camps curriculum.

We do take a significant amount of time in our water related programs to share our knowledge of the ocean. We teach about how to safely swim in open ocean, how to avoid and escape rip currents, how to respect other water users, and awareness of marine life. Campers will learn so much about the ocean that it will increase their comfortability and maximize their amazement and experience in the ocean.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is our first priority as proven by our six years of camp operations and safety record. We follow guidelines and training from both American Red Cross and United States Lifeguarding Association to ensure the safest and most rewarding experiences. We always keep a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 and all of our instructors have certifications in First Aid, CPR, and are open ocean trained. We also carry a comprehensive insurance package, including general liability.

Ocean Safety Education consists of:

  • Wave prediction and judgement
  • Longshore current identification
  • Conservation of the Coast awareness
  • Sun exposure and UV awareness
  • Beach Ecology and marine science education
  • Venomous Marine Life awareness and first aid
  • Popular marine life education
  • Rip current identification, awareness, and existing procedure

Our Staff

SPI Sessions has a unique approach to our staff. We call ourselves ‘beach life Instructors’ because we believe we share more with the student than just a surfing lesson. We are well-rounded individuals with love for all things friendly to our beach and lifestyle. We maintain a rotating staff of 5-7 Beach life Instructors. In a camp setting we maintain a 4:1 ratio of surfer to instructor staff to maintain the attention necessary for adequate surf technique and stoke. We are very proud to have a strong staff of vetted individuals eager to share the stoke of surfing and eco-awareness.

Experience Summer as it's meant to be...
Our camps are a great place to encourage healthy and positive habits like teamwork and self-confidence. We work on a variety of activities and sports so there's never a dull moment and kids learn how to effectively communicate with their team mates and provide guidance and nurturing words so they can grow in each sport.

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