After-School Surfing - September

After-school surfing is open to everyone who would like to participate in extracurricular surfing with expert coaching.  These sessions are offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:30- 6:30 with up to 12 sessions dedicated monthly.  

Booking Steps & Rules - *Flexible pricing will automatically change when you select the corresponding number of sessions. 

1.)  Select any available booking date in the month. (Don't worry about selecting each individual day your child will attend. We are more concerned with capturing the number of sessions you wish to purchase).

2.) Use the "+" to navigate to the number of desired sessions. 
 Below is the price list that corresponds to the number of sessions:

1-4 Sessions per month = $35/session

5-8 Sessions per month = $30/session

9-12 Sessions per month = $25/session

Please note: Unused sessions will not carry over to future months and any missed sessions are not refundable or transferable. Please verify the month you are booking at the top of the product name i.e., After School Surfing- September, After-School Surfing- October (coming soon)