After-school surfing is open to anyone who would like to participate in extracurricular surfing with expert coaching. 

Booking Steps & Rules -

Our sessions are offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with up to 12 sessions dedicated each month. Flexible pricing will automatically change when you select the corresponding number of sessions. Please be sure to select the next available booking date in the month. Don't worry about selecting each individual day your child will attend- we are more concerned with capturing the number of sessions you wish to purchase.

Below is the price list that corresponds to the number of sessions:

1-4 Sessions per month = $35/session

5-8 Sessions per month = $30/session

9-12 Sessions per month = $25/session

Unused sessions will not carry over to future months and any missed sessions are not refundable or transferable. Please verify the month you are booking at the top of the product name i.e., After School Surfing- September, After-School Surfing- October.

Time and Place-

We typically like to meet at Isla Blanca Park which is located on the furthest south part of the island. An entrance fee of $12 is required however, you can purchase an annual park pass from the county that will give you access. Please look for the 1st covered parking lot that faces the ocean. We like to meet in the parking lot to make sure we have all equipment and kids before walking down to the beach. We ask that parents and children arrive on time with their appropriate equipment at 4:30pm . Sessions will last 2-hours each day. Feel free to drop your child off or stay and watch their session.

Coaching -

After School Sessions will be coached by our expert staff. Please feel free to communicate with our staff coaches about your child's availability, arrival, pick-up schedule etc.. Likewise, expect updates from coaches about weather, conditions, or specific coaching techniques to be utilized day of. These sessions are not 1:1. Each session will likely have multiple children working on different skill levels. Our staff will work diligently to ensure we have a safe student to coach ratio and arrange children's skill levels with appropriate coaching techniques.


Equipment can be provided to your child by request. Please be sure to give our coaches a heads up when your child will need a board or wetsuit for their session. Our team does carry a wide selection of boards from short boards, long boards, soft, epoxy, and glass top boards.

Winter Season-

During the winter season, we will need to suit up in our wetsuits, so please allow some extra time for this . Our sessions are 2-hours long and will likely shorten as the days become shorter and the ocean becomes colder.

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